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HEYA!!! *cough* hello! hope everyone is doing well just need to clear up somethings regarding that I'm deactivating this account... and making a new one! yeah I'm not gone yet! but this is where a problem comes in. You see I'm gonna be done with tickling pics I think I've fainted. , I will explain my reason ;) (Wink)

You see when I came to DA my intentions where to design my own and fan made drawings and sketches, but when I did do that it wasn't what I expected, no one commented of even add them and it made me and my art feel like crap pretty much 
:| (Blank Stare) BUT ONE CHRISTMAS! I did a tickle pic since I saw where popular and well the result was people noticed and it felt good, made feel like a decent artist... until sometime after I did more that it was show on Google and it was easy for people to see them like people I knew, people who I would take the pee or even hold my fetish agent me. To be honest it didn't help when my username is something I use all the time but you know it sort of came true people have done what I said which has gotten me power noid Oops! so yeah.... but recently I was finishing of some computer work for a school I use to got to with a friend and her sister was with us and I was doing my last bit her sister showed me my Xbox avatar on the Google images. now at first i was like ha shes look up our Xbox things... but then it literately struck me, you can only see you Xbox avatars by putting in your username, which mine was... FresherJosh... and as she exit the image it looked to me my DA drawings on her screen I wan't sure and well I panicked and sort of almost in tears left the room without saying good bye and straight to work, It was silly. 

But  what I'm trying to say... after I felt it left a bullet hole in me and my friends relationship and she might be pissed... that's why to day at work... in the toilets... I thought to my self "Fuck it I'm deactivating and starting again!" So yeah... not deactivating straight away because of my storys but when I get a chance I'm ma starting a new! I'm really hoping my old stuff will be removed from Google...

So really this a good bye to tickling but you guys have been good to talk to so yeah... "not so good on speeches ':)". I will link my new account when its up on the journal for now peace in ;D 
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